Full-Service Bookkeeping

If you're serious about your business, then hire a serious bookkeeper

Jamie Gohsman

Jamie Gohsman

Bookkeeper, QuickBooks® Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

We help business owners who are serious about making their business a success organize their finances to better understand how their business is performing.

As a former assistant branch manager in retail banking for 8 years, I know how to keep accounts straight. And as a small business person, I understand the pain that businesses face.

We want to see you succeed and can help guide you with financial matters. We also offer private online one-one sessions to get you started on doing the books yourself.

Basic Monthly Services

We offer complete bookkeeping services on a monthly basis. A subscription to QuickBooks® Online is included.

Receipt management
We will create an automated receipt system that works for you so you are able to get your full tax deductions while saving time.
Recording & coding of transactions
You will no longer need to enter your day-to-day income and expense transactions, allowing you to be up-to-date and not overwhelmed.
Reconciling bank, credit card & loan accounts
Be confident that your accounts are current and accurate, giving you a clear picture of your finances.
Accounting adjustments
If large purchases are making your profit take a nosedive we can spread those out to give you a more realistic picture of how your business is performing.
Monthly financial statements
Simple and clear reports that help you gauge the health of your business.
Regular strategy meetings
One-on-one meetings where we will review your financial reports to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals.

Additional Services

Need help with something specific? We also offer the following services on an as-needed basis.

One-time clean-ups
Fixing an old file or creating a new one from another system, let’s get you organized with a system that is built for your business.
Invoicing and accounts receivable
Billing your customers and processing their payments takes time. Get that time back, knowing your customers are in good hands.
Bill-pay and accounts payable
We will create a plan that allows you to still be in charge of your money but confident in never missing a payment.
You have dreams and goals you want to achieve, We can help you reach them. We will create a budget for your business so you can take back control of your finances in order to achieve those goals.
Training & consulting
Wanting to be hands-on, but you're over your head? We can teach you and your employees how to use QuickBooks® effectively to get the results you want.
Personal accounts
Let’s get your personal finances under control, too. These are just another cog in the wheel of getting you to your dreams.
QuickBooks® Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

QuickBooks® Certified

We can help you take full advantage of online accounting software to streamline your business and be more profitable.

We can also train you and your employees to use QuickBooks® more effectively.


Here are some comments from several of our recent clients:

I needed someone that could work with me and work on my client files that I could trust, was totally competent, and reliable. Always ready to help and provide great advice!!

She helped me convert a set of books and was able to transfer over all the outstanding invoice details and ensure the destination-based sales tax was set up properly. Jamie is a reliable problem solver!

It was super convenient to have her zoom with me and clean up my QuickBooks® taxes! Quick and easy, and the online scheduling was super helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help my business be profitable?

We can help you understand your numbers and how to start to move them towards reaching your goals.

Our goal is to be a Profit First Professional in the future, so we coach to Profit First by Mike Michalowicz for both professional and personal finances.

Benchmarking, an additional service we offer, allows you to compare your business to other like-businesses in the industry, giving you a better overall understanding of your business' financial health.

What if things don't work out?

We dislike talking about leaving before we have even gotten started, but if it's not a good fit then of course!

You are the owner of your QuickBooks® file so take confidence in knowing that no matter what, that goes with you when you leave. This means you won't have to pay someone else down the road to recreate a new file for you if you do decide to leave.

How involved with my business will you be?

How involved do you want your bookkeeper to be??

A good bookkeeper will be like a business partner who has your business' best interests at heart, working with you to create processes that work best for you.

We will build a system that works best for your business based on how much time you want to invest in managing your books versus what you want to outsource.

Do you do taxes?

No, though we will work with your tax professional in regards to your bookkeeping.

If you are seeking tax advice specifically we can recommend someone in your area to meet your needs.

What do I do next?

If you are ready to get started taking back control of your money then click to schedule your free appointment.

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